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Weissenborn Resonator

Weissenborn Resonator

The Weissenator was commissioned by a client from Canada and is based on the Style 1 Weissenborn Hawaiian guitar. It has a hollow neck and is designed to be played on the lap.

It features:

  • A custom made Brass and Copper Body, with an antique finish
  • Copper Binding
  • Brass Inlays
  • Mahogany headstock with Maple Burl veneer
  • Gold Gotoh tuners

Brief History of Weissenborn Guitars
Hermann Weissenborn emigrated from Germany in 1902 and settled in New York where he made and repaired pianos and violins til 1910. He then moved to Los Angeles and started making guitars as Hawaiian music gain popularity.

Weissenborn manufactured 4 styles of Hawaiian guitar as well as plectrum, tenor, Spanish and ukuleles with total production of less than 5000 instruments. His instruments were superior for there time and known for there quality sound.