Mattsen Custom Resonator GuitarsMattsen Custom Resonator Guitars
Mattsen handmade guitars Mattsen handmade guitars

Design options

Unique designs tailored to your requirements

I can offer you:

Body Designs: Singlecone Resonator guitars. Tricone Resonator guitars.
From traditional to my own unique styles, cutaways and non cutaways or perhaps you have a design you would like me to build for you.

Metal Body Guitar Materials: Choose from the bright tone of Brass, the warm mellow sound of Copper or the loud sounds of Steel.

Crafted to fit your Hands: I can carve the neck to the width that is most comfortable for you.

Quality Woods: Beautiful Curly Maple, Mahogany, Rosewood and Ebony neck options.

Tuners: Waverley.

Adjustable Saddle: Unique to Mattsen Single cone models, for accurate tuning when raising or lowering the string height.

Electric Pickups: I can fit magnetic, piezo or both to suit solo or band playing.

Various finishing options: Your guitar body can be plated in Nickel, polished Brass, Patina Copper, Antique Brass.

Craftsmanship Guaranteed: I build my resonator guitars to last forever. This is achieved by building in a manner that allows, if ever needed, to be easily repaired.

Delivered to your door: I have sent guitars to the USA, Japan, UK, Australia and Europe.

Watch your Guitar being built: Regular photo updates are emailed to you.

Together we can build a very beautiful guitar, guaranteed to inspire great music and satisfy your requirements. Please feel free to contact me to discuss your resonator guitar.

Russ Mattsen