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Big Kahuna 2

Big Kahuna 2

The World’s largest Resonator cone meets the warm tone of Copper.

After creating the world’s largest Resonator cone at 11″ diameter (compared to National at 9.5″ and Dobro at 10.5 cones) I wondered, “what it would sound like in a Copper body.”

It sounds fantastic! The large cones moves a lot of air, making for a loud guitar, and the Copper body adds an overall warmth to the tone. This combination will make for some inspiring finger style and Slide music.

The styling of this guitar is designed to impress. With the Copper body bound with Brass binding; a process that takes many hours of work but adds so much to the beauty of this instrument.

The Cover plate’s slotted sound holes are inspired by the early radio speaker grill, and combined with the Brass binding, gives contrast to the Antique Copper patina.

The neck is a work of art in itself. Hand carved from beautiful Curly Maple and veneered with Ebony, for a very strong neck. The Ebony fingerboard is bound for a smooth feel on your hands, and the flamboyant Asymmetrical Headstock has been inlayed with a hand cut Brass Mattsen logo.

This guitar comes fitted with a DeArmond Rhythm Chief 1000 electric pickup. This pickup was first produced in 1948, and must be the best looking pickup ever made. It has a warm fat sound, perfect for playing in band situations, faithfully reproducing those Slide sounds.

This one of a kind guitar is in stock.

$5000 USD.         International express shipping included.

Included in purchase:
Hard Case



Amplified through a DeArmond Rhythm Chief 1000