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The Big Kahuna

The Big Kahuna

The Worlds largest Resonator Cone at 11″ inches diameter.

Ever wondered what a larger cone would sound like in your Resonator Guitar. I did! So I set about to spin up an 11″ cone, when compared to the standard 9 1/2″ it is a lot bigger.

The result is amazing. The sound is loud and the tone is warm. The large cone can move more air so the sound can carry, and the large diameter is perfect for reproducing those Bass frequencies. Magic for open D and lower tunings.

The sound is only half the story of this guitar. The styling of this guitar is designed to make you stand out from the crowd of mass production. The flamboyant Headstock was inspired by the 1930’s Levin Arch Top Guitars, then fitted with beautiful Waverly open back tuners with Ebony knobs to match. The Mattsen logo is hand cut from Brass then inlayed into the Headstock. “Old School”, no decals here.

The Neck is carved from beautiful Curly Maple with the fret ends bound with Ebony for a smooth feel on your hands. The neck width being a comfortable 1 3/4″ at the nut.

The Cutaway Body is made from Brass with a polished finish. It features an Ebony arm rest to add to the comfort of playing this guitar. The body is 16″ wide at the lower bout making it no wider than your average wooden acoustic guitar, but is a lot shorter in length.

The Big Kahuna is fitted with a wonderful DeArmond Rhythm Chief electric pickup. A pickup that was first produced in 1948 and loved by Jazz guitarists. It is a testament to its ability that it is still produced today. It must be the best looking pickup ever made.