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Customer feedback

Here’s what Mattsen Guitar owners say about their Resonator guitar.

Was meaning to get in touch with you soon, but you beat me to it. Can’t leave it alone. It is the best thing I’ve ever played by a long way. Beats the Gibson Les Paul recording guitar I had years ago and every Takamine, Fender and Martin I’ve had since. Absolutely love it. Had a session at the Sprig with it Tuesday and everyone was amazed with the tone, putting aside how great it looks. Anthony wanted me to join him last night when he played there and we had a great night. To be honest, I’d pay twice the amount to get this result. It is exceptional in every sense. Love the sound, and it is so great to play. I have no regrets whatsoever, and extremely glad I didn’t hold off any longer on getting it. You are a true artist and craftsman and thoroughly deserve your reputation. I’m honoured to have it.

Regards,  Graeme, NZ

Graeme bought a Roadster

Yes the reso showed up last night and I’ve just got to say Wow. Honestly can’t get over the workmanship on this, definitely all and more than I could have wanted. Plays and sounds absolutely fantastic and unique. Thanks so much for all your effort on this, it’s definitely something that will be cherished in the family for a long time.

Murray, NZ

Thanks Murray for commissioning an Antique Brass Single Cone.

This guitar definitely has a very mellow and warm tone. I’ve tried really hard to experience your guitar thoroughly by playing and comparing with other Reso guitars in Korea. Surely, your guitar was by far the best because I’ve never seen any guitars that has such a very delicate feature as its sound. What really astonished me was your ability to design the sound. I think there is no luthier who can check various sounds and create this kind of sound since long ago. This really is great. I could easily sense your passion and love for your work. 

Gybo, Korea

Cheers Gybo it was a pleasure to build you a Roadster model.

She rocks my soul. This steel Resonator made by Russ is gorgeous. She can play softly with demure and distinction and yet really packs a punchy sustained clean tone when driven hard. The action is slick and can be raised for slide. The craftsmanship and quality of parts Russ has displayed and used are impeccable. I absolutely love this guitar, she’s teaching me and at times just makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. In hindsight having owned 3 Resonators, why bother with a lesser guitar if one can own such a Toanga as a Mattsen Resonator then I say do it, worth every cent and makes me sound better as she attempts to teach me how to play.

Gorden Forshore, NZ

Thanks for support Gorden.  Model Steel Parlour

I want to thank you for delivering a great instrument. I got a few strange looks when I told people I was having a guitar made in New Zealand from a guy I found on the internet. Once they hear the instrument they’ll inderstand. Thanks again and I look forward to hearing from you in the future.

Ken, California, USA

I really love the instrument. Lovely tone, great look, nice feel. I really like the way the neck and fingerboard work aesthetically with the Nickel finish. I’m already having loads of fun with the guitar.

Kirk ordered a Copper Jumbo Cutaway Resonator.

Kirk LaBelle, Canada

I spent the better part of the past two days playing the new reso. In addition to being one of the best looking instruments I’ve ever laid eyes on, it plays like nobody’s business! Comfortable, really well balanced and the sound is just as I had hoped for a bari reso…deep, warm and vibrant.

My most sincere thanks for all your hard work in creating this masterpiece. It’s a privilege to play it.

Scott ordered a Scroll Model.

Scott, USA

The Special order guitar arrived today. This is great, wonderful, it is beautiful. The neck is better than imagination, beautiful.
Thankyou so much.

Aki ordered a Scroll Model.

Akira kikuchi, Japan

Hi Russ,
Kim the coalman working the Grand Union Canal (UK) yesterday bought himself one of your guitars. He has asked me to send an email to you. He said do write what I say and include the F word, I won’t. “The guitar I brought is F*** brilliant, it sounds F*** fantastic, its bass notes sound forever. Come and hear it.” So today I went to hear this steel guitar (the only part of the description I can remember is it has a singlecone)
“Man it is FAB” says Kim.

Kim the coalman’s friend

I’m really happy with the guitar and it’s a welcome addition to my collection. Over the years I’ve acquired many guitars but never sold one. So it’s here to stay. I hope I can get some others to take a look at your work. It is truly excellent. Don’t hesitate to give me a yell once in awhile.

Jerry ordered a Brass Single Cone.

Jerry Douglas. Nashville, USA