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Tenor Resonator Ukulele

Tenor Resonator Ukulele

Why is it that Ukuleles are always built to a compromise. Why do Uke players have to put up with inferior built instruments when their passion to play music should be matched with a instrument of equal passion.

With my Tenor Elite model, I believe I have raised the standard of the Ukulele to a new level of quality and beauty. Checkout the rounded edge on the body. The extra work involved in making this is well worth the added comfort and great feel this gives to the player. The back of the body has been hand shaped to enhance the sound projection. A feature not often seen on other Resonator Ukulele.

No expense has been spared in the quality of this Ukulele. Waverly Machine Tuners, the best in the world are fitted. An elegant Trapeze string holder is used. A detail rarely seen on other Reso Uke. Scroll designed, hand cut sound hole grills all show that I take quality seriously.

The tone of this Ukulele is loud, clear and like a Uke should sound.

Other details:

  • 17 inch scale length
  • Brass body
  • Mahogany and Rosewood neck with Brass Inlays